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About Incon

H-22 Furnace

H-22 Installations:
- Australia
- Arizona
- California
- Canada
- Denmark
- Egypt
- Florida
- Michigan
- Morocco
- Netherlands
- New Jersey
- Penna.
- Saudi
- Scotland
- Texas

The Incon H-22 Perlite Furnace

The Incon H-22 has become a new standard in perlite furnaces. 

Production rates of over 400 cubic feet per hour [11.3 M3/hr] of coarse horticultural material are common with energy consumption, product density, and furnace droppings better than comparable furnaces.

Production of finer grades has been achieved at up to 2.8 metric tons per hour.

Like its predecessors, the Incon H-22 is a vertical perlite furnace designed within a single, monolithic, self-supporting outer tube with unique systems to preheat both the perlite ore and the combustion air.  These systems do not consume additional energy and do not require additional supports and floor space.   They are built into the furnace to recuperate waste heat to provide additional energy efficiency.

The Incon H-22 incorporates many additional features which give it increased throughput, better product yields, lower energy consumption, reduced furnace droppings, and which make it longer lasting and easier to service than earlier units.

The Incon H-22 design was developed over several years with each of the design elements independently tested and developed on furnaces at different locations.  Only after all design elements were tested and proven was the first Incon H-22 supplied.

That unit has been in continuous commercial operation since 1998.  In the few years since, the H-22 has evolved to become a market leader known for its high performance, good operation, robust construction, and good value.

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