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Pull B.V. Installs State-of-the-Art Grow-Bag System

Incon H-22

Product: Perlite Filled Hydroponic Grow-Bags

Location: Rhenen, NETHERLANDS

Owner: Pull B.V.

pull.jpg (1513 bytes)Pull B.V. is well known as a leader and originator in the expanded perlite industry. They were the first company to expand perlite in Europe and the first to operate a vertical expander in the world. In additon to expanded perlite, they produce vermiculite, insulation products, and other value-added products incorporating expanded perlite and exfoliated vermiculite.

In the expanded perlite industry, one of Pull B.V.'s primary markets involves its horticultural applications. In this industry, Pull B.V. supplies not only the perlite itself but also extensive technical support to their customers in its use and application.

pg09-2p.jpg (20224 bytes)Recognizing the increasing market for grow-bags and the overwhelming need of growers for a consistant and dependable high-quality product, Pull B.V. is again taking the lead by developing a new state-of-the-art automatic system for producing the special perlite-filled bags. From perlite ore storage to stacked and wrapped pallets of finished grow bags, the system is completely automatic and requires no manual labor. With it, Pull B.V. can now supply consistantly high-quality products to their clients with unprecedented efficiency.

In developing the system, Pull B.V. again used their in-house technical expertise to assure uncompromised end-results. For their perlite expansion equipment, rather than build their own furnaces as they have for over 50 years, they chose Incon's H-22 furnace.

The H-22 was developed by Incon in 1998. In the few years since, it has evolved to become a market leader know for its high performance, good operation, robust construction, and good value.

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