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Incon Raises the Bar

While in production for only a few years, the Incon H-22 perlite furnace had already proven itself an industry leader in perlite expansion furnaces.

Continuing Incon’s long-standing tradition of product innovation and improvement, a new version of the Incon H-22 perlite furnace is now tested and in full production.

“Our goal is to make this furnace the benchmark of the industry and to constantly raise that mark”

Three units of the improved version of the Incon H-22 furnace were recently installed. The first was commissioned in August 2001. The last was commissioned shortly before year-end.

Data is still accumulating and has been very encouraging. When producing coarse horticultural grade perlite, a production rate of 500 cubic feet per hour [14.2 cu.M] is common. And, two of the installations have reported rates at times exceeding 600 cubic feet per hour [17 cu.M/hr.]. Reported fuel consumption is 10.2 cubic feet of natural gas per total cubic foot of perlite (based on a closely monitored 168 hour run).

Not satisfied with even these levels, Incon’s engineers are continually designing and testing new improvements to the Incon H-22 furnace.

To learn more about the possibilities of the new Incon H-22 perlite furnace, please contact Incon Corporation.


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